Strong Super magnets-super strong of Neodymium magnets

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neodymium magnets

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In fact, super magnet is not a kind magnet. It refers to Neodymium magnet especially Sintered Neodymium magnets. Even the magnetic power of the lowest grade of super strong magnets Neodymium –N27 is higher than that of highest grade of Smco magnets or Ferrite magnets. super strong magnets can hold 1300 times their own weight, which means that a one-gram neodymium super magnet can hold up a 1.3kg (2.8Ib) iron sphere.
In 1982, the NdFeB compound were discovered by General Motors Corporation and Sumitomo Special Metals. As the material cost of the Smco permanent magnets is very high, people were principally driven to develop Neodymium magnets which are rather cheaper than Smco magnets.
Super magnets have a variety of uses, the most common being for stabilization and head motors in computer hard drives.super strong magnets are also used in medicinal industry, food industry and metal indsury for seperating ferrous parts from non-ferrous material. In one word, Sintered Neodymium magnets have become an essencial material in many industries.
On the other hand, 
super magnets have some disadvantages. Firstly, super strong magnets are very easy to be rusted due to their chemical compositions. But it can be prevented from being rusted by coatings. Secondly, they will be demagnetized if the working temperature is beyond their max. working temperature. In this way, China Polar Magnets will help customers to choose the suitable magnet in accord with their requirements. Thirdly, super magnets can easy attract together if they are used uncarefully. It is impossible to separate them if the contacting area is fairly large without any damage to the magnet
Physics And neodymium magnets are dangerous to people with pacemakers. Besides health,
super magnets can be dangerous to data, for example, they can erase credit cards and mess up hard drive data so completely that it becomes irrecoverable, even using the best techniques.giant magnets for sale